The art accompanies Hoji since childhood, colors, shapes and lines have always been part of his world. Born in 1991 in São Paulo, the visual artist always used drawing as his primary life-tool, but he ran away from his talent believing that the art world was not for him. However, at a time he needed to find himself and his true essence and it was inevitable but putting his troublesome out.

Since 2015, he is engaged professionally with his works, the first collection,WILD, goes beyond small details and psychedelic animals drawn with Indian ink, his creations capture animals naivety and pureness while criticizing society, transmitting how man seizes nature with greed and control.

There is a reflection behind the geometric and organic elements in his drawings and paintings that leaves room for imagination.

Hoji is how Rodrigo Colen was called by his host family in New Jersey (USA), in 2009. Transition and inspiration moment in the artist’s life. His artistic production is not limited to just a few materials, techniques or methods, Rodrigo is always looking for a perspective to develop his creations, without losing one line out he creates in diversity.

Urban art, streets and modern world behaviors are his main influences and inspirations.


2016 | "Salão Inverno da Casa da Xiclet

2016" | Casa da Xiclet | São Paulo |Brazil

2017 | "Toda Expressão" |Art Lab Gallery| São Paulo |Brazil

2018 | "Wild" |Casa Solar| São Paulo |Brazil

2018 | "Arbó" |Casa Sinlogo| São Paulo |Brazil

2018 | "CNAP" | Clube Nacional de Artes Plásticas | Lisbon |Portugal

2021 | "Criaturas" | Fabrica Features | Lisbon | Portugal